The Bag that Breathes Life. =)

June 25, 2010

Rags2Riches have recently launched the RIIR by Rajo Laurel Tree Bag Project. It is a project that has been inspiring our team for the past few months now (when we were still preparing it).

The RIIR by Rajo Laurel Tree Bag is an exquisite, limited edition everyday bag created by 3 communities from different parts of the country. It is created using scrap cloth (for the handle), scrap thread (for the body of the bag), and scrap wood (for the buttons). What makes it even more exciting is that we will be planting ONE TREE FOR EVERY BAG SOLD! We love how all of these causes came together into one amazing product designed by one of the Philippines’ premier fashion designers, Mr. Rajo Laurel (!

This was our event’s invitation card. =)

June 24, 2010 6PM

The event was held in Travel Cafe Philippines, an exquisite restaurant that showcases excellent Filipino food and design. We are very honored and blessed to have them as a partner for this event! They served unique and delicious Filipino cocktails. Manny O. Wines also sponsored the free flowing wine that got us all in the mood and in the zone!

Photo by: Mark Ruiz

Thank you very much Anya Lim and RG Salazar for the very touching poetry-reading of the "Giving Tree"

The amazing production design and program was prepared by ActivAsia, the first truly integrated Channel Activation Agency in the Philippines and one of our most loyal and inspiring advocates! Special thanks to Gaita Fores for the beautiful bouquets that went very well with the TreeBags!

Photo by: Mark Ruiz

Photo by: Ed San Juan

Yes, the bags are beautiful and very functional. =) But what makes it even more beautiful are the hands that made them. It is my honor to introduce them.

The Weavers of Bangued, Abra.

Photo courtesy of: Anya Lim

The Women of Payatas, Rags2Riches Cooperative

We don’t have photos of the wood carvers of Pardo Cebu yet but as soon as I get them, I’ll acknowledge them in this blog. =)

Thank you, as always to Rajo Laurel, one of our champions. =) Your talent, passion, and compassion, inspire us greatly.

Special thanks to my new found good friend Anya Lim, a wonderful lady who heads a social enterprise in Cebu called Ant Hill. You can visit her site here:

Of course, the launch and the product would not be possible without the talents and passion of my team. Thank you Matt Pardinas (sales and marketing manager), Michelle Smith (sales and marketing associate), Nelson Baclayo (Production Director), Jing Ludovice (Community Relations Officer), Miguel Abrera (Community Relations and Communications Officer), Helen Guerrero (Finance and HR Officer) Cynthia Cabrera (Community Expansion Supervisor, Payatas Cooperative Member), Jhane Abris (Production Supervisor), Fencia Fonte (Off-Site Production Supervisor, Payatas cooperative member), Nhing Estabillo (Production Coordinator, Payatas cooperative member), Kuya Yam, Kuya Marco, and all the communities who participated!

For all those who attended: guests, Bloggers, Media partners (BusinessWorld, MEGA Publications), advocates.  Thank you! =)

For orders and inquiries, you may email =)

We’ll be coming up with an amazing campaign soon!


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